Past events
Masterclass with Kate Raworth


Kate Raworth who has written the famous book "Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist" is coming to Lugano to teach a Masterclass. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to lean more about economics from a perspective that takes into account sustainability and planetary boundaries.

National gathering Rethinking Economics Switzerland


Are you interested in economics ? you'd like to know more about different ways to approach the economic science ? Then join us for this event where we'll share knowledge on different schools of thought in economics and discuss the need for pluralism in economics, in particular its teaching at the university. All the workshops and presentations will be held by members of Rethinking Economics Switzerland and will be interactive :) Everyone interested in pluralism in economics is welcome, even if you are not part of any group (yet) !

On to new shores! The contribution of economics to a sustainable development


In partnership with WWF, a conference on the role of economics in sustainability will be held at the medieval townhall in Bern. The aim of this conference is to question the contributions of economics for a sustainable future by reflecting on the different theoretical approaches to a transition to sustainability and learn about concrete possibilities of actions. The first part of the day will be dedicated to different workshops and different keynote presentations will be held in the afternoon.

Annual Symposium of the Association to Renew Research and Education in Economics and Finance


The 2nd Symposium of the Association to Renew Research and Education in Economics and Finance (AREF) will take place on 25-26 June 2019 at the University of Fribourg. The theme of the symposium is “Pluralism in Economics and Finance: state of the art” and it is aimed at students, researchers and professors, as well as to anyone else interested. Rethinking Economics Switzerland will hold a presentation on the 26th at 11:15.

Apocapitalypse Now


Conference on ecological and environmental economics Pauline Plagnat-Cantoreggi, Julia Steinberger, Vincent Gerber and Daniel Tanuro. The first part will have interventions of the different experts and afterwards activits from a variety of associations will take part in the discussion. "Remaking Society: Pathways to a Green Future". Book by Murray Bookchin, 1990.

Pluralist Discussion - Money Creation and Climate Change


Plurale Ökonomik Zürich is launching its first Pluralist discussion. The idea is that for every meeting one member (of a group) chooses a topic to disucss and suggests materials for it. This first discussion will be about the The role of money creation and central banks in the fight against global warming.

Sustainability Week Geneva - De la croissance verte à la décroissance


Rethinking Economics Genève is co-hosting an event with Semaine de la durabilité on the economic policies that are needed to face the ecological crisis. There will be a panel discussion of different experts that will try to answer the question of whether we need to change our understanding of a sustainable economy to prevent planetary catastrophes. The event will be in French.

Pop Economix Live Show


A theatre play that narrates the crisis will be presented to the public for the first time in Switzerland. This event, hosted by Rethinking Economics Lugano with the support of Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI) and Franklin University Switzerland (FUS), will put into perspective the different economic mechanisms that took place over the last 15 years and talk about the last financial crisis in a funny and critical way. The play will be in Italian.

Sustainability Week Lugano - Is Our Economy Sustainable?


Rethinking Economics Lugano is holding the opening event of the sustainability week   Lugano. The aim is to understand what economic sustainability means, how it can be put into practice and which are the directions we are going towards. In order to foster debate between experts, students and citizens, the second part of the event will be formatted as a fishbowl discussion with the panellists and the public. The event counts on the support of Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI) and Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) and will take place in English.

Rethinking Economics Film Session


Rethinking Economics Lugano is holding a series of film projections every Thursday from February 21st to March 14th that are related to economics and finance. This week's movie will be Capitalism: A Love Story (USA, 2009)

Brown-bag talk about pluralism in Economics


Plurale Ökonomik Zürich is holding a talk at the University of Basel during the Sustainability week on Thursday, March 7th. They will present different schools of Thought in Economics as well as the Network Rethinking Economics Switzerland and their experience in Zurich with Plurale Ökonomik. The talk will be in German. 

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