Materials (draft)

Economic Philosophy, Joan Robinson. Gives an overview of economic thought, showing how it is almost always impossibly intertwined with ideology.

Debunking Economics, Steve Keen. Takes aim at numerous neoclassical theories for internal inconsistency, and presents an alternative model of the macroeconomy, suitable for modelling financial crises.

Austrian Economics

The Use of Knowledge in Society, Friedrich Hayek. Hayek defends a market economy over planning on the basis of imperfect knowledge and disequilibrium.


Debt: the First 5000 Years, David Graeber. Graeber outlines what he calls the “myth of barter”, stated by many economics textbooks, which argues that money arose because it helped people exchange cows and chickens more easily. He shows that this is not borne out by the historical record: historically, societies have engaged in ‘trade’ through credit relations.