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About Us

Rethinking Economics Switzerland is a student national network based in Switzerland. At the moment, it counts three different branches: Lugano, Geneva and Zurich. We are part of the international network Rethinking Economics, which was born in 2012 in the UK. Nowadays, Rethinking Economics has many other student groups around the world that share the same mission: reforming the economics curriculum in universities and "democratising" the discipline among the society.

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Our Mission

We promote interdisciplinarity and pluralism in economics and its related subjects, fighting especially against the dogmatism within the teaching of the discipline at the tertiary education level. In particular, our group focuses on facing these issues among the economics departments of the Swiss universities. Moreover, we aim to encourage the critique of mainstream economic theory by analysing its hiatuses, contradictions, effects and consequences. We also want to bridge the gap between theory and practice in Economics, “democratising” economic ideas and concepts by spreading them out to a broad audience.

Memories from the Festival for New Economic Thinking

19-20th October 2017

Rethinking Economics Lugano participated at the Festival for New Economic Thinking in Edinburgh on October, with a speech about the role and the meaning of the World University Rankings. It was a great experience that officially started our international collaboration with RE.


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At Rethinking Economics Switzerland, we care about our fellows and strive to provide them with all the resources they need. We are committed to improving today’s education in economics in order to let students become successful leaders of tomorrow - and couldn’t have gotten this far without your generous contributions.