RE Groups

Plurale Ökonomik Zürich

A movement for pluralist economics at the University of Zurich made its first appearance in 2013, when students wrote an open letter to demand a more pluralist and realistic economic education. When four years had passed without any significant changes to the curriculum, a group of five students started to plan a lecture called “Pluralism in Economics” in 2017. In fall 2018, the first lecture series took place, shedding light on heterodox theories as diverse as Post-Keynesianism, Marxian Political Economy or Post-Growth Economics. Though this lecture was successful, there remains a long and rocky road towards true pluralism. Through our cooperation in “Rethinking Economcis Switzerland, “Plurale Ökonomik Zürich” aims at expanding the access of economists all across Switzerland to a large number of competing schools of thought

Rethinking Economics Lugano

First, Rethinking Economics Lugano was born on September 2017, originally founded by three students of the MSc in Economics and International Policies at the University of Lugano. Since then, they ran three official events, where they invited policy makers (Swiss National Bank) and professors from different universities (Università della Svizzera italiana, Franklin University Switzerland, Université de Fribourg). Nonetheless, they succeded in establishing a new course in Critical History of Economic Thought within the electives of the Bachelor of Economics at the University of Lugano. Today, Leonardo Conte is the president of the association and Michele Corengia its Vicepresident, both PhD students in Lugano.

VWelles Rethinking Economics Bern

VWelles Bern campaign for pluralistic and feminist Teaching of economics at the university of Bern. Founded as a student initiative, we have become the Bernese chapter of rethinking economics. Topics such as feminist economics, ethics and sustainable economics are central to ensure a just and continuous future. Therefore, we cooperate closely with other local student groups and our university’s management to reach the goal of a more critical curriculum of economics.

Rethinking Economics Lausanne

Our mission is to create an open-minded environment where one can discuss unconventional approaches to economics and pluralist economics. Since the foundation of Rethinking Economics Lausanne in 2019, we discussed a variety of topics during our weekly reading group such as ecological economics, the digital economy, or the book “An Introduction to Pluralist Economics” by Rethinking Economics. Occasionally, we organize conferences about interdisciplinary and pluralist economics which range from co-operative business models to the history of economic thought and philosophy of economics. Besides discussing economics and expanding our horizon about economics, we took initiative and conducted in collaboration with oikos Lausanne a student survey on the Bachelor’s degree in Management and Economics of our local Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC Lausanne).

For more information visit us on Facebook. Write us an email if you want to join RE Lausanne and be part of our pluralist journey

Rethinking Economics Lucerne

We are 8 students (mostly PPE and one in cultural studies) who started Rethinking Economics Lucerne in February 2019. Our Kick-Off Event was pretty successful with 30 people present. After that, we’ve established a reading circle mainly focused on understanding our current economic system and how it is conceived in mainstream and heterodox economics. In the future, we plan to organise events all around the topics of economics, with a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. We are also going to contact the economics department and try to establish courses that focus on plurality, social scientific approaches and philosophical classifications. We are confident and ambitious that we will soon be able to have more interesting and productive discussions with professors and other students.

Rethinking Economics Genève

Rethinking Economics Genève was founded in September 2017 by some seven students at the Université de Genève. They want to reflect about alternatives to the present papers in economics in the form of conferences, film screenings and self-education directly to other students. During the first three semesters of their existence, RE Genève has already organised twenty events and gathers once a week during the lecture period. On the other hand, they are in intense exchange with the instances of the Université de Genève to make the teaching more pluralist and critical. 

!! We are looking for new members. Don’t hesitate to contact us at geneve@rethinkeconomics.org if you want to join 🙂 !!

Rethinking Economics St. Gallen

With Rethinking Economics St. Gallen being the newest member of the RE Switzerland family as of May 2023, the eastern part of Switzerland is actively aiming to challenge and transform the way economics is taught, researched, and applied.

We have two main focus points: first, advocating for a more pluralistic approach to economics that recognises the limits and assumptions of traditional neoclassical economics. We spotlight elements of other schools of thought such as Post-Keynesian, Marxian, Austrian, or Feminist Economics. Second, we want to put economics into context by incorporating insights from other disciplines such as anthropology, psychology, sociology, ecology, as well as cultural studies.

Through organising events and workshops, we try to create a platform for critical thinking and dialogue among students, academics, and practitioners of economics. We strongly believe that this more diverse and interdisciplinary approach to economics is necessary to address the complex challenges of the 21st century, such as inequality, climate change, and financial instability.