Wellbeing Economy und Service Public Revolution: Wie meistern wir die aktuellen Krisen?

As part of the sponsorship, we are pleased to announce the following panel discussion:

Wellbeing Economy and Service Public Revolution: How do we master the current crises?

Climate, Corona, wars: one crisis follows the next, while we find ourselves in an ominous maelstrom of profit and competition. How can we overcome all this? How do we orient the economy towards the common good and ecological requirements? What is the role of a consistent redistribution of wealth and a revolutionary renewal of the public service?

How do the two concepts differ and complement each other? What impulses do they generate? A short introduction will be followed by a discussion with the panelists.

From a pluralist perspective, it is interesting to see to what extent these two concepts, which have a different starting point, stimulate and enrich each other.

We look forward to seeing you all there and that our experiences, questions and critique can lead to a fruitful discussion with the panelists.

Podium participants

Katherine Trebeck, is co-founder of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, which brings together 350 NGOs worldwide. The Alliance wants a society built on the meaningful, common good participation of all. Their concepts are incorporated into the current government programs of Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Wales and Finland.

Cédric Wermuth and Beat Ringger, are the co-authors of the book “Die Service public Revolution”. They want to drastically redistribute the world’s wealth and use it to build a care society based on broad-based public services.