Upcoming Events
Reading Circle with Plurale Ökonomik Zürich

Polyterasse or Zoom

March 4 at 16:15, every two weaks thereafter. Nice weather location: ETH Polyterasse. Bad weather: Zoom.

The “Lese- und Diskussionskreis Pluralist Economics" is a student-run recurring event at the University of Zurich, that aims to enrich the student's perspective on economic, political, and ethical arguments. A different topic and associated text are discussed at each meeting. Examples of last semester’s readings included, “Doughnut Economics ” by Kate Raworth, “The political underbelly of economic measurements” by Daniel Muegge, and “The assumptions Economist Make” by Jonathan Schleder.

Each week, the meeting place (on the Polyterasse or on Zoom) will be shared on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so make sure that you follow us there!

Sustainability Week

All over Switzerland

Don't miss the events organized at the Swiss Sustainability Week! The program is very diverse, and you will for sure find something that suits your taste. VWelles Rethinking Economics Bern has also organized two lectures for it.

Groupe de Lecture avec RE Lausanne


The weekly French-speaking reading group of RE Lausanne starts again on Monday 1st March 2021. This semester we will discuss the Digital Economy and how the Big Tech companies affect the economy. Write an email to Mathieu Payn (mathieu.payn@unil.ch) to get access to our slack space where you will find the (free) texts that we are going to discuss. It's going to be a really interesting semester, so join us!

Online Conference: "Does economics have to change after the Covid-19 crisis?"


The Covid-19 health crisis is the second global economic crisis in just over a decade. The 2008 economic crisis led to criticism of mainstream economics: Student groups and a number of researchers considered research and teaching to lack pluralism of theories, methods, and openness towards other social sciences. But the 2008 crisis has also re-shaped economics research.

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, the goal of this conference is to present and discuss current research on the implications of the crisis for inequalities, trade, climate change, and development by economists with diverse backgrounds. It should enable a discussion between mainstream and non-mainstream economists. A final panel will discuss the goal of economics, whether it is sufficiently diverse, and what could be done to improve teaching and research.

The speakers so far are:
Ralph Ossa, University of Zurich
Sanjay Reddy, New School New York
Surbhi Kesar, Azim Premji University Bangalore
Isabelle Günther, ETH Zurich
Michèle Tertilt, University of Mannheim
Climate Change:
Julia Steinberger, University of Lausanne
David Hémous, University of Zurich
Panel discussion:
Branko Milanovic, City University of New York
Ulrich Woitek, University of Zurich
Surbhi Kesar, Azim Premji University Bangalore

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