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Groupe de Lecture with RE Lausanne

If you are more comfortable in French or just want to educate yourself in this wonderful language, join the weekly French-speaking reading group about pluralist economics! takes place each tuesday at 18:15 on Zoom. For additional information and text material, check out the Slack space (channel #groupe_de_lecture).

Lese- und Diskussionskreis: Plurale Ökonomik


Join us for the German/English bi-weekly discussions of texts on pluralism in economics. Learn and discuss with us why it is necessary to look further and let's find out what we gain from reading beyond the confines of our textbooks!

To stay up to date on it, please join our WhatsApp group chat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/EKH4mt4tTbL0MZLUPfeOJZ

National Gathering 2020 of RE Switzerland!

Join us for our National Gathering 2020!

The first part of our National Gathering will be led by Michele Bee on "Rethinking Adam Smith" (14:00 – 15:30). And after a short break, the second part will be a fun, interactive, covid-friendly Virtual Apéro (15:45-16:45)! You will not want to miss out on this -- and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

On Michele Bee's "Rethinking Adam Smith"
The history of economic thought allows us to rethink the theoretical assumptions at the basis of economics, which are too often taken for granted. Michele Bee starts from the modern beginning of this story, to show that what we know about the father of political economy, Adam Smith, is perhaps not enough.
Going into the depths of Smith’s thought makes us rethink a surprisingly interesting basic economic operation: exchange.

Should exchange disappear in an ideal society, where everyone is bound together by mutual benevolence? Or on the contrary, is exchange inevitable for the progress of human society, even if it is the result of purely selfish motives? What if this way of looking at the issue is unsatisfactory? Adam Smith seems to offer us an alternative path by questioning the origin and motive of exchange.

Michele Bee teaches History of Economics at the University of Neuchâtel and carries out his research at the Centre Walras Pareto of the University of Lausanne.

There will be half an hour devoted to questions and discussion at the end.

And for the Virtual Apero:
Informal moment to exchange among students and other interested people in small break-out rooms. Come and join us for this online covid-friendly Apero !

Link for the conference and apero:
Meeting ID: 953 2059 0489

Informal Policy Dialogue with RE Lugano


Join us and Prof. Nicolas Pons-Vignon every second Tuesday of the month, at 17:30 in friendly and informal dialogues about the main policy issues of our times: from public health to climate change. Everyone is welcome to participate, by joining our MS Teams channel!

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