Past Events

Online Workshop: Intro to Plural Economics

16 May 2021, 14:00:00


Join us for a fun and short introduction to plural economics. We will cover a few of the most important theories and we will try them out ourselves! This hands-on (or maybe heads-on?) will leave you with an idea of how different economic theories can enrich our understanding of economics! This is open to anyone, from a perfect newbie to anyone who would like to go back to basics as a refresher.

It will take place on May 16th, between 14:00-15:00, on Zoom. More details will follow via e-mail. (So it is worth signing up! 😉 )

Online Conference: “Does economics have to change after the Covid-19 crisis?”

30 April 2021, 08:30:00


The Covid-19 health crisis is the second global economic crisis in just over a decade. The 2008 economic crisis led to criticism of mainstream economics: Student groups and a number of researchers considered research and teaching to lack pluralism of theories, methods, and openness towards other social sciences. But the 2008 crisis has also re-shaped economics research.

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, the goal of this conference is to present and discuss current research on the implications of the crisis for inequalities, trade, climate change, and development by economists with diverse backgrounds. It should enable a discussion between mainstream and non-mainstream economists. A final panel will discuss the goal of economics, whether it is sufficiently diverse, and what could be done to improve teaching and research.

The speakers so far are:
Ralph Ossa, University of Zurich
Sanjay Reddy, New School New York
Surbhi Kesar, Azim Premji University Bangalore
Isabelle Günther, ETH Zurich
Michèle Tertilt, University of Mannheim
Climate Change:
Julia Steinberger, University of Lausanne
David Hémous, University of Zurich
Panel discussion:
Branko Milanovic, City University of New York
Ulrich Woitek, University of Zurich
Surbhi Kesar, Azim Premji University Bangalore

Online Conference: Financer des entreprises sans capital, est-ce possible ?

20 April 2021, 18:15:00


RE Lausanne organizes an online conference in French on “Financer des entreprises sans capital, est-ce possible ?” with Benoît Borrits. [In English: “Financing corporations without capital, is that possible?]

Date: 20th April, 2021 | 18:15 Swiss time

Zoom link: https://unil.zoom.us/j/96511376134 (passcode: 894256)

Marxist Political Economy in Russia

8 March 2021, 18:15:00


Join us for this conference in which Dr. François Allisson (from the Walras Pareto Center, University of Lausanne) will present on “Marxist Political Economy in Russia.” The conference will be held in English.

Sustainability Week

6 March 2021, 00:00:00

All over Switzerland

Don’t miss the events organized at the Swiss Sustainability Week! The program is very diverse, and you will for sure find something that suits your taste. VWelles Rethinking Economics Bern has also organized two lectures for it.

Reading Circle with Plurale Ökonomik Zürich

4 March 2021, 00:00:00

Polyterasse or Zoom

March 4 at 16:15, every two weaks thereafter. Nice weather location: ETH Polyterasse. Bad weather: Zoom.

The “Lese- und Diskussionskreis Pluralist Economics” is a student-run recurring event at the University of Zurich, that aims to enrich the student’s perspective on economic, political, and ethical arguments. A different topic and associated text are discussed at each meeting. Examples of last semester’s readings included, “Doughnut Economics ” by Kate Raworth, “The political underbelly of economic measurements” by Daniel Muegge, and “The assumptions Economist Make” by Jonathan Schleder.

Each week, the meeting place (on the Polyterasse or on Zoom) will be shared on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so make sure that you follow us there!

Groupe de Lecture avec RE Lausanne

1 March 2021, 00:00:00


The weekly French-speaking reading group of RE Lausanne starts again on Monday 1st March 2021. This semester we will discuss the Digital Economy and how the Big Tech companies affect the economy. Write an email to Mathieu Payn (mathieu.payn@unil.ch) to get access to our slack space where you will find the (free) texts that we are going to discuss. It’s going to be a really interesting semester, so join us!

National Gathering 2020 of RE Switzerland!

28 November 2020, 14:00:00

Zoom: https://unil.zoom.us/j/95320590489

Join us for our National Gathering 2020!

The first part of our National Gathering will be led by Michele Bee on “Rethinking Adam Smith” (14:00 – 15:30). And after a short break, the second part will be a fun, interactive, covid-friendly Virtual Apéro (15:45-16:45)! You will not want to miss out on this — and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

On Michele Bee’s “Rethinking Adam Smith”
The history of economic thought allows us to rethink the theoretical assumptions at the basis of economics, which are too often taken for granted. Michele Bee starts from the modern beginning of this story, to show that what we know about the father of political economy, Adam Smith, is perhaps not enough.
Going into the depths of Smith’s thought makes us rethink a surprisingly interesting basic economic operation: exchange.

Should exchange disappear in an ideal society, where everyone is bound together by mutual benevolence? Or on the contrary, is exchange inevitable for the progress of human society, even if it is the result of purely selfish motives? What if this way of looking at the issue is unsatisfactory? Adam Smith seems to offer us an alternative path by questioning the origin and motive of exchange.

Michele Bee teaches History of Economics at the University of Neuchâtel and carries out his research at the Centre Walras Pareto of the University of Lausanne.

There will be half an hour devoted to questions and discussion at the end.

And for the Virtual Apero:
Informal moment to exchange among students and other interested people in small break-out rooms. Come and join us for this online covid-friendly Apero !

Link for the conference and apero:
Meeting ID: 953 2059 0489

Lese- und Diskussionskreis: Plurale Ökonomik

19 November 2020, 18:00:00


Join us for the German/English bi-weekly discussions of texts on pluralism in economics. Learn and discuss with us why it is necessary to look further and let’s find out what we gain from reading beyond the confines of our textbooks!

To stay up to date on it, please join our WhatsApp group chat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/EKH4mt4tTbL0MZLUPfeOJZ

Groupe de Lecture with RE Lausanne

17 November 2020, 18:15:00

Zoom: https://unil.zoom.us/j/99660895145#success

If you are more comfortable in French or just want to educate yourself in this wonderful language, join the weekly French-speaking reading group about pluralist economics! takes place each tuesday at 18:15 on Zoom. For additional information and text material, check out the Slack space (channel #groupe_de_lecture).

Bavardages sur l’économie institutionnelle

12 December 2019, 16:15:00


Rethinking Economics Geneva is organising a discussion on institutional economics on the 12th of December. If you are interested in the relations between institutions and the economy, for example on how the legal framework influences the market structure, feel free to join!

Revolution féministe: quelles perspectives pour l’économie ?

5 December 2019, 18:15:00


Rethinking Economics Geneva is organising an event on feminist economics, which will feature Elisabeth Pruegl, director of the program “Program on Gender and Global Change” at the IHEID and Alexia Bonelli winner of the “Prix Genre” of the University of Geneva. Issues such as critiques to neoclassical economics, social reproduction and the relations of power in the economy will be discussed. Sounds promising !

Course on plural economics – Vorlesung Plurale Ökonomik

5 December 2019, 16:15:00


Plurale Ökonomik Zürich organises a series of lectures at the University of Zurich during the autum semester worth 3 credits. They will tackle the question of whether a new school of thought is needed, as well as present different schools such as the Austrian school, feminist economics or post-keynesians and the new monetary theory. If you are studying at the university of Zurich, don’t hesitate one second to seize the opportunity to extend your knowledge in economics!

RETHINK! Zeit, über Pluralismus in der Wirtschaftslehre nachzudenken

2 December 2019, 18:30:00


A series of four events is organised by Rethinking Economics Lucerne at their university to reflect on pluralism. The following four topics will be presented by experts: the micro-tax by Prof. Dr. Marc Chesney, Post-Keynesianism by Hon-Prof. Heiner Flassbeck, Feminist economics by Mascha Mandörin and Post-growth economics by Apl. Prof. Dr. Niko Paech. The events will take place on the 5th of November until 2nd of December, at 18:30, free entry!

Masterclass with Kate Raworth

29 October 2019, 07:30:00


Kate Raworth who has written the famous book “Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist” is coming to Lugano to teach a Masterclass. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to lean more about economics from a perspective that takes into account sustainability and planetary boundaries.

National gathering Rethinking Economics Switzerland

26 October 2019, 10:15:00


Are you interested in economics ? you’d like to know more about different ways to approach the economic science ? Then join us for this event where we’ll share knowledge on different schools of thought in economics and discuss the need for pluralism in economics, in particular its teaching at the university. All the workshops and presentations will be held by members of Rethinking Economics Switzerland and will be interactive 🙂 Everyone interested in pluralism in economics is welcome, even if you are not part of any group (yet) !

On to new shores! The contribution of economics to a sustainable development

26 October 2019, 10:15:00


In partnership with WWF, a conference on the role of economics in sustainability will be held at the medieval townhall in Bern. The aim of this conference is to question the contributions of economics for a sustainable future by reflecting on the different theoretical approaches to a transition to sustainability and learn about concrete possibilities of actions. The first part of the day will be dedicated to different workshops and different keynote presentations will be held in the afternoon.

Annual Symposium of the Association to Renew Research and Education in Economics and Finance

25 June 2019, 10:00:00


The 2nd Symposium of the Association to Renew Research and Education in Economics and Finance (AREF) will take place on 25-26 June 2019 at the University of Fribourg. The theme of the symposium is “Pluralism in Economics and Finance: state of the art” and it is aimed at students, researchers and professors, as well as to anyone else interested. Rethinking Economics Switzerland will hold a presentation on the 26th at 11:15.